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Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force. Analysis PC

More than half a year since we reviewed Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force on PlayStation 4 (you can read our analysis here), comes a new version of the game originally released on PlayStation 3, this time for PC, giving the opportunity to users enjoy this kind of title brand of the company.

We are going to pay special attention to detail you once again what is what brings this remastering, having very few differences from the version of PS4 (really the stable 60 fps and little else).

The war between gods

As we already knew, Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force tells the story of two gods who have fought each other until practically the one another, having to face the light and darkness. For the fight were numerous arms enclosing furies, fairy that will grant us powers and which allowed attacking these deities.

Our protagonist Fang will be certainly vague type and that at times they will give us desire to stop lying and that you will discover a Fencer, a human being able to wield this kind of weapons and freeing the fairies that inhabit them. We will thus know Eryn, the first of these weapons and charge that Fang carried out the task of recovering weapons and return to life one of the deities (in our decisions will be deciding which of the paths take).

Here we are going to tell the story that tells Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark since the rest is better that you discover it for yourself. Is note that this version of PC (also the PS4 remastered) has new stories to the original title, as well as new NPCs and skills, something which will give up to 60 hours of gameplay, although its replay value is not very high.

fairy fencer f advent dark force

Compile Heart style

If you have got this far reading is that you are moderately interested what is what can offer Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark. We have a title of the company Compile Heart, and a perfect example is of what actually tend to offer. An aesthetic anime with the female characters hipersexualizados, enough text to read (in a fairly simple English) exclusively, struggles of role playing turn-based…

When we talk about enough text to read trust us so and is that we will not be able to insert with fights, but that they are distinct areas where most of the time we will be reading to a dungeon where the most of the time we’ll be fighting. This makes that it can seem a game slow at times, but must take into account the style of the company, which has many fans back, so if you’re not accustomed to this kind of titles you should stop reading and devote yourselves to something else.

As we move forward during the story can go picking dungeons in which we go to get a new fury, which will give us different skills (we will gain more experience, we will have more magic damage but less physical…) In addition the order of weapons is also important since it will grant us one way or another to continue the story.

fairy fencer f advent dark force

As we said before we have a combat system shift that will give us some freedom when it comes to fighting, dressed also with the possibility of up to six members in the Group (in its original version only could lead to three), all this with a graphics renovated not only in the aspect of the resolution and FPS (can play 1080 60 fps) , but also in terms of the world that surrounds us since we will have much more living areas decorated.

As for the sound should make it clear that follows the history of the company, somewhat repetitive melodies that may become tired somewhat over time, but that marry well with the aesthetics of the game. As for the language, as we have already said, offers Japanese and English as unique alternatives.

Conclusions Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force

Compile Heart brings us a new possibility to enjoy their titles, leaving aside as usual the main platform of Microsoft Xbox One and focusing on PlayStation 4 and now also PC. We have a game that will give us many hours to enjoy, especially if we are accustomed to the titles of the company with text-heavy areas followed by much combat, with dungeons that can be somewhat repetitive.

Ultimately a title that will leave us with about 60 hours to enjoy without too many pretensions.

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