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Fallout 4 opens the doors of Nuka-World

Today is a day of found sensations for all fans of the game from Bethesda, Fallout 4, today opens the new DLC Nuka-World in which we will have access to this old theme park that we ask owners with our band of looters, but Nuka-World is the latest new content pack that will receive Fallout 4 nearly a year after its release.

If a few days ago we shared with you a video in which the pet Park, bottle and plate, gave us a few safety tips, today we bring you a new video in which the team that has worked on Nuka-World speak of possibilities offered by this new territory. Here is it:

The Nuka-World pack is now available for download in the game console by Sony, Playstation 4, the Microsoft Xbox One and also for all players who play Fallout 4 through your PC. If we buy this new content individually it will cost US € 19.99 but you can download it free if we are holders of season passes.

Now that we have the full experience of Fallout 4 only have to enjoy everything that has left us during the last year the title of Bethesda.

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