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Find the materials you need with this Monster Hunter Generations application


Like all games in the series Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Generations there is a big factor in search, collection and resource management , in fact, can that as a new player entering the franchise, or adapt to the developments of the last title we are a little overwhelmed, but we are fortunate that the game has a great community , and in less than a week of official release there is an app that solves all our doubts, whether they are about weaknesses of the monsters, recipes of combinations or location of items. A whole wonder, then we tell you more about this incredible application.

MHGEN Database

Under a careful and impeccable appearance of material style design, we will have access to everything that we can think about the game. You could say that it is an encyclopedia Pocket able to answer all our questions about the game, and, in a very comprehensive way. Not limited to give us the information that the title itself gives us but goes one step further and takes advantage of the expertise of the community of players.

Find the tree of improves of all and each an of them weapons of the game, all on the creatures that we can find, maps of them different areas… And this is only the surface. Another of the features more interesting of the application is the Builder of sets, that, simply us allows design equipment without to make us an idea of their features.

Unfortunately not all van to be good news since this guide only is is available in English, and, seeing how advanced the version of the previous game, not seems that have in mind find it to the Spanish, so, if not control much the English not can benefit you of MHGEN Database.

If you like Monster Hunter and you have an android device try it, is free, not ay reason which should not give a tiento.

Google Play | MHGen Database (free)

And you you think? Go to find the materials you need with this application of Monster Hunter Generations to leave your footprint.

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