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Fire Emblem Heroes: new events and next update

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the titles of fashion and more played in recent months, is nothing new. What is new information that we bring you the game offered by Nintendo in the future, as new events and a major update in the April face with lots of content.

The major update of April for Fire Emblem Heroes will bring new changes and improvements to the game as in the function combine heroes that now leave to transfer skills, previously only climbing characteristics. The Merit system, with which heroes will earn points of merit to participate in combat, and when this is sufficiently will also be present something will earn hero pens.

Regarding the other improvements we see that you added new rules in the battles. Now, in some maps, a certain amount of shifts must resist to stand up with the victory, or reinforcements may also appear. While las game notifications only appear once a day. Also, pairings of the Colosseum has changed following a series of factors whose objective is the balance the battles. These factors are divided into heroes, skills-based statistics rank/level, bonus earned by combining heroes and equipped skills.

On the other hand, through the official Nintendo Twitter account we have known what will be the next character that will star in the fourth great battle. Chosen for this occasion has been rider of wyverns Michalis, belonging to the installment Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon available as of March 24.

In addition, we also know upcoming events that will Fire Emblem Heroes. Finalized after the great battle of Michalis, in early April start Nabarl, the Scarlet sword. Subsequently, at the end of the month, we will have available to Zephiel, the Liberator. Continue and leave way in May to Xander, Paragon and LloydKnight, the White Wolf to principles and end of month respectively.

Fire Emblem Heroes

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