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Force mode immersive on all Android games


If you want to play on your Android and you have a terminal with the keypad on screen surely once you’ve had problems with the immersive mode. Many apps, especially which already have some years on their backs not force device to show full screen, and you will therefore play play with the navigation on the right side buttons having to rescale resolutions. Very annoying. Then you have as solve this with just an application, without need of be root or tinkering with our mobile.

Full touch screen

With Fulscrn you can put any app in full screen, regardless of whether it is a game, a chat or a streaming service. There are many similar, applications, but after trying one after another is quite clear that it is is extremely simple, functional and resultón in addition to adapt very well to the material Google style design. If you choose to use any like you must be careful since has been detected malware and advertising push in some malicious applications.

To activate it only have that leave this wonderful tool open in second flat and activate the mode immersive from the panel of notifications, is something cumbersome, but, in its version pro (which you recommend enough) can set that is active directly to the open certain applications, which it makes a lot more comfortable.

To complete all this, also has filters and edges of screen options, and can adjust its opacity and color even though they do not have a very clear utility.

Little more it must be said, is over the playing and return to home by neglect or watch videos, losing much of the screen of your terminal, if you play or you consume multimedia content in your mobile Fullscrn is essential. Download it now, you leave below the link of Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Fulscrn (free)

And you that you think? Check out force immersive mode on all Android games to leave your footprint.

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