Monday , January 22 2018
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Free get the version 8-bit of Bayonetta on Steam

SEGA taking advantage of April Fool completo Day It has launched a 8-bit version of the popular game Bayonetta for Steam, and you can also get it free of charge.

The case is that SEGA wanted to take the sensitive vein of lovers of the saga with a new game to Steam… but with nuances. In fact, it’s a game of Bayonetta completely free of the Witch of Umbra in 8-bit.

Steam description reads as follows: ‘favorite SEGA Umbra witch reaches climax in PC. You freak out with what makes with its pixelated 8-bit pelazo! Salta! Shoot! Rate! Being bad has never been so retro.”

You can get the game for free from here.

Remember also that SEGA prepares an announcement regarding Bayonetta for exactly eight days. In this link you can see the Countdown. The bets are open.

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