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Free scan will be one of the pillars of Mass Effect Andromeda

andromeda exploracion

It may sound obvious, but for a Mass Effect, not so much. Exploration, a game set in pure exploration, it will be one of the great pillars of the game. Mass Effect Andromeda is emerging as a title that we will truly take the role of a pioneer, an Explorer of the final frontier: space.

We will not limit ourselves to landing on a pasillero map in which you go killing enemies. As we already knew a few months ago, Andromeda will bring the world open to the series Mass Effect, rather than Bioware did with questionable results in Dragon Age Inquisition. However, the allegations of this title seem pretty compelling: an open world to explore, as it is our mission, with tools to do so.

Planets background and unique

andromeda mass effect exploracion

Multiple planets that populate the Andromeda Galaxy will be be mere decorations of the star map on the ship to be places in which land, talk with its people, learn about their history and become actively involved in their development to begin colonization.

I.e. we do not land at locations and we will give shots. We first soak in how is the planet: If you have any extreme condition that condition us trip (heat that scorch our coats, for example), what are the most important events that are happening and which points of interest highlighted on the map.

One of the details that most have liked is that, when travel to a part of the Galaxy we will see through the Tempest Windows out there. Our ship ceases to be a space in continuous movement completely alien to the place where we are. Thus, we can see from our cabin the Suns of the systems that we visit. A small detail, but that will very much appreciate.

Once we have spoken to the first inhabitants of these places will have different places to those who go and the last word we always have it. During map there will be different outposts that unlock, by way of the camps of Inquisition, that restore our coats and allow to change the team that we have been.

Viability and improvement of the Nexus

exploracion andromeda

Explore planets and complete their missions will help us much. Firstly to improve the viability of the planets, allowing to build a true station of the Andromeda initiative on the planet. Also it will give us points of feasibility for use in the Nexus, the central station of the initiative.

The latter, in turn, offers us another great advantage: as we improve the Nexus, we may wake up more settlers from their capsules, which will give us different benefits, such as discounts in shops, improvements in combat… everything will depend on what type of settlers go awakening.

Mysteries and puzzles

exploracion andromeda mass effect

But not everything will consist in doing missions classic go from A to B and complete requirements. Andromeda planets contain a network of mysterious constructions that saved one major secret. To access these structures can lead us to explore a world, and inside will be to test everything we know in terms playable.

It seems that if in the original trilogy our parents and grandparents had bequeathed us the study of proteins, in Andromeda technology we will be those who have to gather information to complete the puzzle of a new ancestral technology. Without doubt, in terms of exploration, things in Andromeda is sense completely exciting.

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