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G.Skill launches the new Trident Z RGB memories kit

After the successful launch of the Trident Z RGB series in December 2016, G.Skill presents the new DDR4 memory kit, made up of modules of 8 / 16 GB with RGB illumination and focused on high performance teams, especially for the Intel platform X 99. These kits will we come in two variants depending on the chosen capacity, 32 GB (16 GB x 2), 64 GB (8 GB x 8) or 128 GB (16 GB x 8) and adding lighting control using a software compatible with most of the manufacturers of plates with chipset Intel X 99. Also have support XMP 2.0 to make overclock without affecting the warranty’s for life offering us G.Skill.

Platform X 99

Being a high-performance chipset, these memories can come to readings with speeds of DDR4 – 3466 MHz and latencies of CL16-18-18-38 for kits of speeds of DDR4 – 3333 MHz with latencies of CL16-18-18-38 for the 128 GB and 64 GB. This added to that platform makes use of technology quad-channel handling four way memory channels simultaneously makes us guess that they will be perfect for gaming and workstation. The following image shows the performance of 64 GB mounted on an ASUS X 99 kit – Deluxe and an Intel Core i7 6800K:

Platform Z270

It is platform also benefits from the features of the Trident Z RGB since it is also focused on high performance it is necessary to have high capacities of RAM so performance is not affected, so the initial 32 GB DDR4-3866 MHz rate kit provides the perfect combination of performance and capacity. It’s also perfect to follow the line of all the RGB settings that both are now. We leave you with a picture about its performance.

Trident Z RGB

To give you an idea, from G.Skill put us with the following video long teeth

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