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GAL Gun: Double Peace receives a rating for all ages

We all know the grading systems such as PEGI or ESRB , which exist to protect players from those content not suitable for all audiences that can be found in video games appearing on the market, and are essential to prevent, for example, sexually explicit video games into the hands of minors. However in Gal Gun: Double Peace have made a small mistake and it has turned completely to this mission.

This has been the case of Gal Gun: Double Peace, a game of PS Vita theme anime in which should maintain explicit relationships with all sorts of girls within the genre of shooting on Rails. It goes without saying that it is aimed at the adult audience, but as he has published the user of Twitter Jaime Bravo, the cover of the game only shows this qualification half. In this way, the cover actually shows the M of the ESRB system, equivalent to the “+ 18” PEGI. However, on the reverse appears the E, intended for those titles suitable for all kinds of audiences.


Yet what has been the source of the error has not been confirmed, but has already distributed the title in this way, and it may lead to a situation from which a child is facing this game with sexually explicit content.

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