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Gamakna: the digital magazine of Dofus

Long ago that not published a story of Dofus in this portal. Despite this Dofus continues to be a game of a strong popularity and many users exhausted by hours and hours of gameplay for some years are returning to this platform, with a good dose of nostalgia.

As the game’s multiplayer online role-playing, optimisation and advancement has created new scenarios with over the years. I.e. 12 initial worlds they have been expanding through other universes and scenarios to discover, which in turn is ve with new adversaries and characters available for the players.

But know all these universes require time, you have to immerse yourself in each visit and thus see everything it has to offer each universe. A simple way to learn it is through networks and forums of the web page of

However, Ankama has decided to offer a more intelligent and appealing solution. He has developed the digital magazine Gamakna, whose Edition number one is out of the coming week. With this magazine, and thanks to the downloadable application for mobile devices, Dofus fans may have a substantial of all universes of Ankama summary, achieving thus have an interesting idea of everything there is to discover.

They have already revealed some ideas of things to come in this first edition. But in essence, the journal will be filled with beautiful illustrations and articles written by the more advanced players of this platform for video games. You will also find tips and books of logs indicating that are working playground equipment in order to satisfy the gamer of Dofus community.


The implementation of this digital magazine can be downloaded from the platforms of Google Play Store, Windows Phone and the Apple Store. In this way, the Gamakna becomes a reference only in the history of this game. In fact in the long run will become the same strategy that operate casinos platforms like, where the intention is to inform the user of all the options you have as a player.

Casinos online game platforms, the concept of Feedback Casino represents the way in which to inform users of what is to become a professional gambler. This involves knowledge about how to have fun with different games, to practise a policy of responsible gaming and what promotional bonuses to place free bets.

Through many users have been able to have total clarity of everything that has a casino. It is a summary that is provide all the guarantees to the gambler, so that it can rely on any of the casinos in those who decide to subscribe. One of the aspects most important is related to technical support, system with which the gambler can solve any kind of doubts that it during your gaming experience.

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