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Gameplay ammunition is now available in Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have announced that the free update that includes Ammunition, the new game mode is now available for Titanfall 2. Ammunition is the new mode of disposal six against six only with pilot inspired by games of paintball speedball. In this update of free content to be launched us to attack aggressively in games of 60 seconds where we will forced to make decisions in tenths of a second that will win our team or throw down our chances of victory.

Next to this mode also added two specific maps for ammunition, outstanding game lists, a new execution, a map of Coliseum additional, customized matchmaking modes, balancing adjustments and more.

Titanfall 2 is the new title of action, sequel to the video game developed by Respawn Entertainment, which brings us back to the controls of enormous Titans, to enjoy alone or in the company through its multiplayer, that makes it easier to connect with our old friends and new, through its new social network. All new Titans, more skills and more advanced and deadly technology.

The free update that includes live ammunition in Titanfall 2 now available on PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

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