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Ghost in the shell (2017). Critical

The prolific years 1990, animation is concerned and in terms of quality also I would say, were made not only works for the child or juvenile entertainment, some of these creations took a step beyond in terms of importance and/or complexity and Ghost in the shell (1995) is one of these cases.

One of the manga/anime most revered 1990s has been adapted to the big screen this year. Ghost in the shell: the soul of the machine (2017) has managed to transform the black widow (Black Widow) Marvel anime to embody “The Mayor” and starring in this futuristic drama / cyberpunk. This new film has been fairly criticized for the fact of not booking the lead role for an Asian, though sincerely in the XXI century actress, geographical location should not be something so relevant and more knowing the interests monetary Hollywood remakes as refers.

The film is directed by: Rupert Sanders and besides with Scarlett Johansson also has in its cast with actors such as: Pilou Asbaek, Juliette Binoche or Takeshi Kitano. The film premiered in Spain this past weekend (March 31).

Ghost in the shell (2017). Critical

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