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Gift Skylanders Imaginators reserve for Nintendo GAME Switch

Skylanders Imaginators, the last installment of the series that introduces us the novel possibility of creating a character, thanks to the creation of crystals, based on the hundreds of thousands of possible combinations between the many characters in the series, debuted in the new Nintendo console the same day of the release of this.

In this installment, Kaos has discovered the ancient power of Mental magic and is using it to create an army of unstoppable Doomlander, while Eon is invoking all the teachers of the Portal and the Senseis, Warriors of Skylands mystics, to stop Kaos and his minions. The only way to stop such a threat will be the use creation of crystals to create one (or more) characters only. Possible combinations include both change the voice, such as the torso, arms, clothes, and of course, weapons.

In addition, if Skylanders Battlecast player, (the game for mobile phones and tablets of Skylanders), Skylanders Imaginators in GAME reserve brings gift Skylanders Battlecats a booster Pack of cards to expand the collection, which includes 8 random cards to use them in their exciting fighting turn-based. Also Skylanders Imaginators already has a multitude of figures, and GAME has several exclusive, such as the Sensei Solar Flare Aurora, Mystical Bad Juju, Steel-Plated Hood Sickle or Chompy Mage.

Skylanders Imaginators will be available next March 3, 2017 at Nintendo Switch.

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