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God Eater Resurrection shows a trailer focused on its history

Bandai Namco has shown a new trailer for God Eater Resurrection, the new version of the first God Eater. This trailer focuses on showing the history of the title, as well as show some screenshots of gameplay.

God Eater Resurrection leads to 2050 where unknown life forms called “Oracle cells” began to uncontrollably eat the life on Earth. His violent nature and divine adaptability made them earn the name of “Aragami“, facing an enemy completely immune to conventional weapons, modern society collapses and humanity is driven on the verge of extinction.

The last hope for humanity is in the Organization the “God Arcs” Fenrir, living weapons based on Oracle cells, and their owners are organized in a ‘God Eaters’ elite force. Its mission is to defeating the Aragami and collect material for investigation, but they will discover that they are being led to a gigantic conspiracy that will irreversibly change the fate of mankind.

God Eater Resurrection it will be included as a free download in the edition of God Eater 2 Rage Burst at its launch on 30 August on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC. Then we leave the trailer.

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