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Guide to dominate to the hero Nien Nunb in Star Wars: Battlefront


Star Wars: Battlefront, the last delivery Galactic’s says, it is one of the most diverse shooters of says, perhaps not in content, but the variety offering their special characters to the game is tremendous. Play with them not always is easy, the fact that is most powerful does not make them in all-powerful; the user must know the strengths and weaknesses of each hero and villain to wreak real havoc.

In this occasion you are going to tell how manage to Nien Nunb, the hero rebel that came with the package of content additional of the edge outside. It is one of the most delicate to handle special characters. Is is of the hero more weak of them rebel, his bar of life low considerably more than the of the rest of their companions, and this marks the way in which play.

The strategy to be followed with Nunb is playing on the defensive or attack with extreme care. Your short health is contrasted with a powerful arsenal half and long distances. So the strategy is simple: do not think that we can rushear or tank with Nunb, simply wait in places safe and away a chance to burst heads from a distance.

For this we have of a very powerful pulse Cannon which is reloading very fast. This canon is similar to which have in them letters stellar but improved, kills of a hit to any and makes a quantity nothing significant of damage to any villain. So you know, good aim and to take advantage of it. Its blaster series, is also a good weapon to distance and will allow us, as Leia, kill much from afar.

On the other hand we have a turret, like that we get on the field of battle with the boosts, only that improved. This well located turret with us close to top anyone alive, let our plug-in will be deadly. Can take advantage of certain corridors in some maps, and points raised in others.

Finally, Nunb boasts a proximity also terribly powerful grenade. Sometimes the combination of Pomegranate with Tower can be devastating, and the tower is responsible for killing all that which the grenade left with life.

In summary, Nien Nunb can pass is all a split alive and killing from far, supporting to their colleagues and defending the land conquered. If are good distance and handing out traps around the map, is a hero who is going to give many joys, but if not you we were right not to the Rainbow with pulse cannon and we don’t have good sense when placing the turret and the granada, we will last two television news in the game.

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