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Guide to master Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Battlefront


In Star Wars: Battlefront, it last of says, not all is paste shots to the tuntu with those soldiers rebel and Imperial that not you acertaban nor to the Rainbow in the films of George Lucas. We also have heroes and villains, those special characters such as Boba Fett or Han Solo appearing on battlefields to sow chaos. Without, however, they are not always easy to use and we must learn their secrets to maximize points earned drante the game.

Today you are going to tell how get you the maximum advantage to Luke Skywalker, one of them two Duelists that there is in Battlefront. Unlike Darth Vader, is a very agile on its own character, in fact is the most agile and quick of all game without using jetpacks or skills. Its secret is that it runs much and so so simple is it can come and go with almost any situation hard that is.

As Vader, has with a sable laser that you allow reject shooting of blaster during a time limited e even return them and kill enemies. Not us can in commending to that because is just, and not hold both damage as Vader, although still being a tank, only that in more light and therefore weak. The good news is that their ability to move quickly will allow us to avoid large groups with which they can not.

Its first ability is coup de force, something we have seen many times in the films of the saga and that honestly is much better than Vader choking. With the boost we can dispatch multiple enemies at a considerable distance. It is very useful to get rid of groups of Imperial short and middle distance.

His second ability is a strong strike with sword, that comes to us very well to face other villains or enemies that we are putting the ugly things. Also with this skill Luke iterates an isntante a little map, i.e. can finish in one second with several enemies that are slightly separated from us.

Finally, it has an attack with sword which is amazing. With him we walk several meters in a second and we launched a sliced, it is not of such devastating attacks that eliminate multiple enemies at the same time but is used to get in and out of uncomfortable situations in which are taking us much life.

Altogether, we have a very fast in all hero, rather weak compared to their same, Vader, but with a capacity of movement and a very complete repertoire of powers. He is powerful and with it we have to use that big ques vaza mobility; not stop to move and enter and leave in conflict zones, well combine the powers and remove us from among large groups of enemies.

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