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Guide to subdue the villain Dengar in Star Wars: Battlefront


Them heroes and the villains of Star Wars: Battlefront, the shooter Galactic of says, play a role very important in the split of the multiplayer. Have powers special with which are crucial in the combat, although have weaknesses and strengths very marked that we must know to use them with head.

Today we are going to talk about Dengar, the villain that came in the package of additional content Bespin. Dengar is a character with a lot of resistance, It is not ideal for tank but is good for rushear. In fact, its active feature improves us shield, the ability to absorb damage. This what we get with the bar of three stages we have down on the screen (you can see in the above image). As we get deaths awards us points that give us access to these improvements in armor, and as more and more quick kill, further will arrive when it comes to activate this feature.

Its first ability, the explosive attack, is perfect for rushear to the beast. With her throw a body attack body which advances several meters and loose three grenades, one forward and sideways two others. It is perfect for getting into a group of enemies and make them jump through the air. With this we can also leave a group to save life, although we wasted three grenades.

The second ability is frantic explosion, with which Dengar raises the rate of firing of his blaster at the expense of a greater setback. Make no mistake, it is a devastating ability whose price is well paid because we can wreak havoc with ease against large groups. Because besides its blaster heavy DLT-19 already of by itself is very powerful.

The third ability is attack hurricane, much like the third of Han Solo. Runs several metres in one second and release a devastating blow with his heavy blaster. This is perfect to get out of trouble, or to get you into trouble at the expense of killing one or two soldiers. By its first ability and this, is by what Dengar is so good for rushear. Because although it is not the most skilled character from the game, it runs quite and urges us to be constantly in motion, sowing chaos.

In short, with Dengar must be mobile and we don’t have to be afraid of direct confrontation whenever possible, as opposed to with Lando. Cannot absorb as much life as Darth vader, but holds pretty well attacks, better than Boba Fett, and although it lacks mobility, the power of their arsenal is brutal. With dengar we can play without complexes, without be suicide, but to attack.

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