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Hacktag enters Steam Early Access on May 18

Today we bring you a new bet and it is Piece of Cake Studios we advised that on May 18 will Steam Early Access their project Hacktag. This title of cooperative stealth for two people reach Valve platform in a few weeks, but from 11 you can enter in your beta closed from its official website.

And what you can expect from Hacktag? This game offers a cooperative experience for two players, both online and split screen. One player takes the role of spy infiltrated on the ground and the other the hacker. The two players must be a multitude of missions of industrial espionage where discretion and cold blood are the key to come out victorious. Hacktag aims to make players feel as the protagonists of a film of spies where nothing goes as planned.

We are in the year 2029, in a parallel universe. You are a mercenary who carried out secret missions for several corporations fighting for control of the market.

Thus, we have to infiltrate us in two different ways:

  • As a spy to infiltrate the field, with a view in isometric 3D level and a rapid infiltration gameplay and arcade-style.
  • As a Hacker infiltrated the computer network of the level, where we can interact with cameras, security doors, phones and even coffee machines virtually.

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