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Happy day world of video games!

Today, 29 of August, is a day very special. Yes, it is the world day of video games! Ah, what do you not know that there was this celebration? Because the custom began such day as today, but in 2008, when the magazines of AxelSpringer launched the proposal to the world.

Although sometimes the word gamer or gaming give us a bit of hives, a word not defines us and is simply a translation, a way of expressing the term. What really defines us are our feelings and real emotions that “these guilt for children” transmitted. Because only we know what is be months waiting for the launch of a title, thrill us with each trailer, wish that pass them hours to get to House and forget us of all what us surrounds for meter us within that world in which us feel living of another way.

As you may be viejunos or muchachada, video games are a pleasure that can be enjoyed at any age. Lovers of it retro and of it current is Fellowship to do of their day something very special, and all them players have today the perfect excuse to give rein loose to their moments of leisure.

Take your own controls, keyboards and mice and do what more you like, play with your titles favorite because today is the… Day world of the video game!

From I encourage you to us say with what game are going to celebrate it and what means this day for you.

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