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Has-been Heroes announced a delay in its release date

Frozenbyte has announced a delay in the date of launch of Has-been Heroes, the new title from the creators of the saga Trine. Originally planned for March 28, finally we will have to wait only another week to enjoy the title. This delay, due to logistical issues, affects European and Australian versions of the title, while retaining the original release date in American territory. This announcement has been made through a video on his Youtube Channel.

Has-been Heroes is a game that blends strategy and action where we have to command a group of champions with the mission to bring the princesses to the College. The title will feature elements of type rogue, which includes some randomness so that our games are always different. For combat, we will have a lot of skills and objects that will serve to eliminate the enemies that we come to pass. In addition, the title has permanent death, and heroes who die during the mission may no longer be used. With the exception of that on the death of all the heroes, will be able to try again.

Has-been Heroes will be available eventually on April 4 to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Then we leave you with the video.

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