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Heart & Slash. Analysis PS4

We take the control of a robot, more specifically the only one who can put an end to the revolution of his peers or how have called at Heart & Slash, the robolucion. We told him all about this roguelike which is now available on PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

A robot with a heart

As already have made strides up, Heart & Slash proposes us an adventure that though it is original, and fun as it is to kill a robots revolution being one of them, ourselves lacks some depth. This is a lesser evil that as it is usual in this genre of the roguelike aims to overcome the challenge that offers us the game without giving so much importance to the story.

We started with the robot Heart as the protagonist in a small prologue which serves as a tutorial to get used to the mechanics of rapid strokes we have to combine with art if we want to beat all the enemies that cross our path. In addition to Heart as the title already indicates missing Slash, a robot we find that several times over our progress and that we will have to decide whether to help or eliminate, the decision we make in every moment can lead to different endings.

Heart & Slash

To overcome this history we can equip up to three weapons at once, something absolutely necessary already to each weapon will be effective against a type of different enemies , but in addition to the weapons we can also equip us with new pieces for our robot that will allow us to jump higher or damage our enemies If we jump on them.

Heart & Slash does not work the tactic of trial and error, since whenever we enter a room we find completely different to the previous weapons, this requires us to know the attributes of the weapons that we have equipped at each time. The major problem with weapons is that there is a wide, variety but there are some levels where only we find three weapons at the beginning and with those we have to overcome it whole.

JABs at fast pace

Something that has caught the attention from the start our first battle in the tutorial of Heart & Slash is how fast that are the movements of the robot Heart, especially when we carry out many hits in a short space of time. This is compounded by the camera control that nothing more touching our right joystick will scroll very fast way which will not cause, in the early hours of the game, that we lose sight of some rivals. We miss some mechanism that would allow us to set the camera in the enemies.

Heart & Slash

We are obviously not in any Dark Souls, but unless you are extremely skilled with the remote control you will die a good handful of times to, with experience, improve our equipment and have more chances to overcome the different challenges facing us.

Another of the interesting options that leave Heart & Slash is the possibility of recycling our weapons or parts in Exchange for recovering part of the life we have lost, something that can be very useful against more powerful enemies.

It is true that the total length of the game is rather scarce since if we move apace we may defeat the final boss in more or less three or four hours of play, therefore if we want to take advantage of the price paid by him will have to explore all the finals and try to dominate all facets of this unique battle.

Robots of the past

Heart & Slash comes with an aesthetic pixelated which proposes small but filled with brightly colored scenarios and respond very well to the speed of movements that we have mentioned before. It is also true that this appearance helps to disguise some of the small bugs we could find in the textures.

Heart & Slash

The problem that leaves us with the random creation of levels is that they end up being repetitive scenarios when we have been playing for a while. To this they accompany small playable bugs that can leave us stuck on occasion, but we do not believe that it is a real problem because of the small amount of failures of this type that we have found.

To end with the sound aspect, we have to say that something similar to what they have commented on the graphics, there is a very lively and vivid soundtrack but that it ends up becoming repetitive very quickly. In this title, all conversations are using texts, which are fully in Spanish.

Conclusions Heart & Slash

Heart & Slash offers us an original though superficial story, but action-packed. The random creation of levels makes every game that we play is completely different from the previous ones. We we miss some gameplay improvements especially in the camera control and something more variety in relation to sound.

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