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Hearthstone presents trip to Un’Goro

It seems that since Blizzard have changed the plans to which we were accustomed in recent years to Hearthstone and while in the past years, a few months after the expansion of letters came a new adventure to unlock some of the legendary henchmen of the game seems that for the moment there will be no new adventures.

But this does not mean that Blizzard will leave to Hearthstone without news for an entire year has been announced a new expansion of 135 letters under the heading of “trip to Un’Goro”. The main novelty that has revealed these new cards is the inclusion of minions that proposed us missions during the game and that will compensate us for if we meet them.

As it is customary with each expansion as it is possible to the pre-purchase of a pack of 50 of these new envelopes for a price of € 44.99, all those who purchase this pack before the launch will receive a new back for your letters. On the other hand these loose envelopes you can buy with real money, with gold the game or winning games the way Arena.

The launch of this new expansion of Hearthstone will occur during the month of April and as always both iOS will be available for PC and Mac and mobile devices like Android.

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