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Hercules presents its new controller DJControl Instinct P8

Hercules has released the version improved from its little sister, the controller DjControl Instinct P8, which includes several improvements over its predecessor model, with this controller, you’ll be the King of the party, if you don’t want to lose the new improvements, continue reading the news.

You sounds like the name? It should sound to you! The controller DJControl Instinct P8 is a version very improved of the product best seller of the brand, DJControl Instinct. It feature distinctive of the production of quality remains firmware, but thanks to the expertise of Hercules and to them contributions of the community of users, the controller returns now with even more functions and a set of pads of production.

The DNA of always, robust and proven

DJControl Instinct P8 includes the same strengths than its predecessor. With an approach very intuitive, combined with a design compact and robust, this controller all in one has audio integrated and functions essential for mixing.

Following the same philosophy, DJControl Instinct P8 is a controller simple, affordable and fully equipped. All you need is a computer (PC or Mac®) with a USB port for connecting the controller, speakers, headphones, music files and are now ready to become the organizer of the party!

Production mix

The product more recent of the brand introduces a new function: the remixes. Thanks to its 8 pads multicolored and the last version of DJUCED™ 40 °, your mixes come in a dimension completely new: the production. Combined with the DJUCED™ multilayer sampler 40 °, its 8 pads ergonomic and receptive allow you to produce highly creative blends, and to offer a precise performance and a sense of high quality. Thanks to the intelligence of DJUCED™ 40 ° you can keep intact the rhythm and structure of tracks, whatever you do. Loopmasters® DJUCED™ Association will produce extensive and scalable, content in the form of packs of integrated samples.


New features

As her little sister, DJControl Instinct P8 incorporates plenty of features. The basic functions have been preserved, but thanks to the expertise of Hercules, the controller also includes many new features.

Adjustments and effects controls; dedicated buttons in Sync, Cue and play / pause; modes independent at each deck; temporary loop mode using the pads, or permanently using the encoder; 3-band EQ; functions expanded using the Shift button; cable USB detachable and much more: all those functions guarantee mixes complete and comfortable.

Of course, DJControl Instinct P8 includes a sound card integrated with dual stereo RCA output for mixing and a output 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack to listen to previous. Thanks to its USB audio/MIDI compatibility, DJControl Instinct P8 is also compatible with most available DJ software.

The Hercules DJControl Instinct P8 will be available starting from September of 2016, to a price of sale preferred from 119,99 €.

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