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Heroes of the Storm receives Sondius as new hero

Blizzard has announced the addition of a new hero Heroes of the Storm, the MOBA of the company. This new character is none other than Sondius, belonging to the Starcraft universe, that you will reach the nexus on March 15.

A courageous and hardworking specialist of ranged attack that beats strong thanks to their big damage bursts. This probe protoss compensates for his lack of resistance with a powerful control of areas by using their skills, which include:

  • Invoke pilon: gives a view of the surrounding area and creates an energy field that allows you to regenerate mana quickly.
  • Photon Cannon: inflicts damage temporarily to nearby enemies by placing it within the field of energy of a pylon.
  • Pulse of disruption: shoot a burst of energy to the front that inflicts damage to all enemies who crosses.
  • Failure of distortion: temporarily slows enemy and explodes to be achieved by pulse of disruption, which inflicts damage to all nearby opponents.

To celebrate this new addition to the nexus, have shown a new trailer for Sondius presentation.

Besides Sondius, have also announced a new update which introduces some useful features in Heroes of the Storm:

  • A quick look at the top of the screen now allows players to check the health and status of power of his fellow team and their opponents.
  • Be aware of the murders of heroes is easier than ever before thanks to a new area of information that indicates who has murdered who in one of the sides of the screen.
  • Players who are playing at a high level are now better informed when they are sweeping on the battlefield: your character portrait will be highlighted with a few flames which indicate that they are at the top.

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