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Hitman. Bangkok. Analysis PS4

Agent 47 returns after a well deserved summer vacation and this time landed in Bangkok to fulfill a new mission, in the fourth chapter of Hitman, which has put an end to the life of two new objectives which are housed in a luxury hotel in the Thai capital.

A stage family.

Since your ad as a game that would follow the format episodic Hitman has received many critical. Now that already have exceeded the ecuador of the content total that form the game can tell that not is an idea so bad, since that time between the different chapters is being well used by the team of development to apply small improvements.

The major negative point that we find on this occasion is that the scenario that we are shown of Bangkok inevitably reminds us to which we could see in the episode that was in the French capital, based on a huge building which is a maze inside, surrounded by extensive outdoor gardens. This makes that have a feeling of being locked in a small map, to the contrary of what was happening in the map of Sapienza.


Is true that as have commented before while the stage is very similar in this occasion us it found with many more details and full of enemies that we will force to keep us alert if not want to be discovered.

Two goals, two difficulties.

As in previous missions this time we can put an end to our objectives in many different ways, from poisoning their food to shoot them in the head in full view of everyone, lounge again Hitman offers us a wide freedom which means more delay the ability to replay each mission to complete it in many different ways.

In this occasion will be two them objectives, one of them is located in them areas outside of the building while the second is in them plants upper of the hotel surrounded by infinity of people. As in them missions earlier can end with them in the order that prefer before escape from the scenario a time made our work. Obviously the objective which is located on the outside is much more accessible by this reason we have made it to the end and thus be closer to escape.

If something we miss in this chapter of Hitman is an obstacle that we put a little harder to put an end to these characters and pose a real challenge to us. Finally I warned we overcome once the mission will see a cinematic where the argument will suffer a twist that will make us want to play already same to the next episode.


In terms of visual and technical paragraph Hitman continues without major improvements in this episode and with some improved animations, but everything you see within the missions generally makes us feel within the scenario thus creating a great gaming experience.


With 4 scenarios already available started to see Hitman as a product that is worth the price that have that pay by he and still are two new scenarios in which infiltrate us from the hand of the Agent 47. While we have a good game whenever we play a new mission, we are left with the desire for that small leap in quality that title to become a reference within the genre.

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