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How import Miis of other consoles with Nintendo Switch


Often us happens that we have a Mii or avatar on Wii U or 3DS console and want to pass it on to the Switch, since they sometimes tend to have stored the content of games or simply because we want our old Mii. For that reason, we will show you the ways of transferring your Mii to the Switch from other consoles.

The process for doing so is simple once the steps are followed. Note that to make the migration of Miis, it is necessary to have U Wii or Nintendo 3DS, in addition to having the correct amiibo.

Transfer Wii Mii U to Switch


  1. First entering the console configuration section, in the section amiibo settings.

  2. Then in the options that appear, choose register nickname and owner, and save.

  3. The amiibo in the NFC player of the console is located, and the steps that are indicated on the screen to perform the transfer will continue.

  4. Since the Switch, you access configuration in the console, the Mii option menu. You click create or edit a Mii.

  5. Creates a new Mii, and then copy the Mii from an amiibo. Now placing the base of the amiibo at the joy – with the right, and Nintendo Switch will already be the Mii.

Transfer 3DS Mii to Switch


In 3DS, the procedure is very similar, almost the same. Only that it is a little faster, since it has fewer steps, to achieve transfer the Mii.

  1. It enters the Home menu settings.

  2. Amiibosettings.

  3. Register nickname and owner, and click Save.

  4. You placed the amiibo in the NFC and will be saved.

There is another method of transfer of Mii, but should be created user profiles. The steps are the same, only that varies at the time of transfer it. On the main screen choose the user profile that you want, select character Mii, and creates a new Mii. And it would just transfer it from the amiibo.

These methods are important at the time of recover some Mii or transfer a Mii from other consoles to your Nintendo Switch. You must only follow the steps correctly and then start playing at ease with your Mii.

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