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How quickly download games on Nintendo Switch


Since Nintendo Switch is a console that came out recently, some things when using it can be complicated. One of the things that bother us or that can be somewhat annoying, is when you download a game or an application, since the download process is too long, but we bring you a tip that will help you much, will help you to increase the speed of downloading, which surely will make the difference.

The process of downloading an application to Nintendo Switch could last long, as it could also last bit. But has it been tested and confirmed in different cases, the Switch has different download speeds, depending on the mode in which it is. Ultimately the best State to download applications or games is in rest mode, relative to the on mode. To put it in sleep mode, Nintendo Switch Games will have the ability to download a 15% faster than normal, a very significant speed increase. The progress of the new platform, could thus note according to increase the size of the games ability for various periods of time.

* To put it in sleep mode it’s not difficult, it is actually very simple, just you have to press power on/off fast and soft-touch button *. Despite this advantage, it is difficult to know when finish download an application or a game while in this sleep mode, since it keeps the off screen, but it is not something to worry.

In the following video, we show you in a more detailed way by how this method of discharge:

It is proven, so put your Nintendo Switch standby mode for easy downloads, already don’t have to wait so long to play what you want. No doubt Nintendo Switch will be one of the best handheld game consoles, a breakthrough that many benefits will be achieved.

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