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How to build boats in Ark Survival Evolved


One of the most amazing things about Ark, to build boats, you will explore and have advantage against the enemy. There are huge castles and fortresses of other players who are difficult to break down, you probably think that it would be difficult to deal with them, but the truth is that you have the sea on your side and a boat that will accompany you when you deal with your enemies.

Binding is that you get to level 15 to unlock the engram’s boat, and to build your first balsa. Each of them is worth of wood, fibre and skin 75 100 250. As you can see, it is very cheap and you will rise several levels when you build it.

If you live near the coast or a navigable river, built the boat on the water and press the button of interaction to deploy it. Once you have done that, I will have it empty and ready to be personalized. Taking into account that the rivers of the South are the ones that may be navigable, since wetlands have devoured the rivers of the East and the North.

Customize your boat


Once built your boat begins with the customization. A boat for the newbies, this great freedom they could ever get ashore, you can go to find ruins, you can loot, you can explore and a variety of things you can do. A whole wooden boat, endure longer standing than their respective homes, since when at sea, the probability of being raideado decreases by 50%, because of its difficult access. Also used to reach coastal areas with much metal as Southern Islets or to colonize Islands as South Heaven.

The personalization of the boat contains limits, as to build on land. The maximum of objects that you can wear on a boat is 84, if you exceed that amount, the weight will be too much for the boat and won’t let you build.

The important thing is to start with the Foundation. Starts making them wood and when you are more advanced, with stone, thus improving them will decrease the risk of raideo to 25%. Once attached to the foundations you can start building walls, ceilings, floors and windows. How to customize your ship, and what you have, depend on you and your skills with imagination. He is not to use the pillars instead of foundations, the boat will be more vulnerable and could destroy it fast.

Types of boats

War boat


To make a good ship of war, you must take into account several aspects. It has to be small, to avoid being an easy target, but the sufficient bandwidth to carry a large animal that landing and eat enemies. It is essential that this type of boat turrets or siege weapons. It is recommended to have one if you belong to a large tribe, simply by avoiding fight only with terrestrial and amphibious dinosaurs in a coastal assault.

The pirate ship


This boat must have functionality, explore, fight, and raidear. Due to the width of two foundations, it is narrow, just so fit necessary crewmembers, your cabinets and boxes. They will have to make multiple windows that will allow crew to shoot on different sides. This boat is not to live in it, but to plunder and return to your secure base.

The boat stable


It is done in order to transport animals more precious from one place to another to keep them safe. This boat, serves exclusively as a stable, feeder and place of collection of animals. It is recommended to create a ship of this kind, it will be when you build a floating city or you are in an area, normal the raideo.

You already have the basics to start with the construction and customization of your boats. To you expect? build and fight your enemies into the open sea.

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