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How to expand the inventory in Zelda Breath Of The Wild

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At the beginning of Zelda Breath of the Wild, our space in the inventory will be very limited, something that will not come us well, since we must collect many resources and save spare parts of weapons in case one breaks. The inventory is essential for achieving progress in the game, so the best thing to do is to enlarge it as much as we can. So, here we will show you how to do it.

How to enlarge inventory


Usually spend much, what to explore in different areas, or defeating an enemy, you will find very valuable things, and we can not take them for lack of space in the inventory. If this affects us, we would lose weapons or an inventory object, so they can carry another. Well, is it that Zelda Breath of the Wild, it is possible to increase the inventory space. To do so, we will need seeds Kologs, these are located in any part of the world of Hyrule, having a total of 900 seeds. But there is worry, since less than half our inventory can be increased to the maximum.

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Once we get the seeds, we will have to look for a very special Korok named Obab. This is located in the Region of the twin peaks, near the entrance of kakariko village. When you have saved it, Obab will provide you with a service that will be very useful for our benefit during the adventure. By each seed that we deliver to you, you will be able expand our Saddlebag, either for shields, bows, arrows or arms. Note that each number of seeds will be exponential, i.e., that the first time cost 1 seed, the second 2, the third 3, and so on. To get extended to the maximum our inventory, we will have to get a total of 441 seeds Kologs.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild

It should take into account that Obab moved some to another post in different cases. However, after the Forest Region, Obab will move to the Korok forest, where it will remain permanently. If you want to reach this place quickly, remember that you can count on the Iyouk shrine. Similarly, to move quickly, we have spoken previously on how to tame horses in Zelda Breath Of The Wild.

How to get space in the Saddlebag with Obab

Now when you go anywhere, you can carry many objects, since you will have more space in the inventory. Won’t be much trouble, having to leave things behind to be able to continue collecting resources.

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