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How to extend the menu of games on Nintendo Switch


In Nintendo Switch there is a very minimalist range of games, which includes only the practical to download and play online. Eventually, insurance will develop new things, more advanced features that would help improve a little more Nintendo Switch. For now, is good to know how to extend the game menu to have a greater display of them. If you’re interested, we’ll teach you how to increase the menu, with just a few simple steps.

How to extend the Menu switch


Nintendo Switch certainly has high expectations. But already there are several aspects that need improving, your Start Menu gave a pleasant impression for its simplicity and ease of use. But the trouble, is that it is not customizable and your home screen is something little, something that should not be so. For this reason, Visual options are best ordered.

The Start Menu displays only the 12 latest games that you’ve used, with relatively large on-screen icons. There are few people who have 12 games, since the platform is so new that they have left few titles. But to get to use 13 games, added a new icon on the screen that says all programs.

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To activate it, you only have to reach the end of the horizontal scrolling and clicking on the icon you see in the image. By clicking all programs, it will unlock a new Start Menu hidden, that will change, and the icons that were previously large will be reduced, without having to be moving to other side to access the first or last items in the list. This will give you a more satisfying entry to many games. You must take into account that the order of the programs will continue to run in chronological order, i.e., which takes less time executed, it will be the last in the line.

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You can now see in a better way the Start Menu of your Nintendo Switch, you will have more ease of mobility, without causing any problem.

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