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How to flatten in Star Wars: Battlefront with Lando Calrissian

Battlefront Lando

In Star Wars: Battlefront enjoyed the battles between rebel and imperial soldiers, but says has wanted to include to a pillar of the George Lucas saga: the heroes and the villains. Playing with them is fun, firstly because we put ourselves in the shoes of those characters that we have so much admired or feared, and also because it has some special skills that spread giving taste. However, there that know well them defects and the advantages of each one of those heroes and villains if want to remove them party.

This time we are going to tell how take advantage of these virtues and save the disadvantages that Lando Calrissian has. In general, he is a hero for ratonear across the map without clearly going in any way. Lando is a cheater and a cheeky, your game is put traps and use their skills to surprise and kill imperial soldiers. You must use it with head, back, without tank or rushear or we’ll be dead in seconds.

The first skill of Lando is trigger of fortune, something similar to it of have only and Leia. With it increases the opportunity of performing shooting critical, and rises with each shot successful and low caused. The problem is that too increases the Cadence of shot, turning us into some very slow triggers. Is it worth it? It depends on our ability to ascertain, because with this active habildiad, we must guess Yes or Yes enemies front.

And speaking of fire, Lando has a trait active of specialist with blaster. As we are getting low, we will gain points and we unlock special gusts of shot. It has three modes of rapid-fire will be charged if we keep the streak, and the latter is especially powerful against the Imperial villains. Others help us to rid us of the rank-and-file soldiers.

The second ability of Lando is the trap of shock. Is as a mine of proximity that releases a hit electric that traps and makes damage to the enemies that caught. The worst of this trap is that it appears as an enemy on the map, and so the Imperial finish chopping, it has the appearance of an enhancer that everyone will want to take.

The third ability is disruption. Lando has the best DLC Bespin in their abilities, and turns it into a powerful hero. With this skill you sobrecalientas weapons of the enemies who are close, so that when we are a fairly large group, against which lando would not survive on their own, use this skill not only can save us, if not that it can help us to kill them all and get a streak very beast.

Ultimately, with Lando we should play to move constantly, trying to avoid falling to large groups and using the disruption in those cases. Has a blaster powerful with which is easy kill, using it well can unlock gusts of shot and deliver the death and the destruction where put the eye.

If like know more about Battlefront, not forget pass you by our other guides on Star Wars: Battlefront to use the Granada of shock and the core of alteration, how upload fast of level, know to the detail what news playable brings the DLC: Bespin and dominate to the Emperor. I have also detailed how to use Leia Organa, Boba Fett and Han Solo.

And you you think? Check out how sweeping to victory at Star Wars: Battlefront with Lando Calrissian to leave your footprint.

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