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How to get Crystal Ark Survival Evolved


Crystal is one of the important and necessary resources in Ark, there are plenty of advanced objects obtained through this material. Usually you can find it in the mountain peaks and the majority of the caves. To gather and obtain the Crystal, it is best to use a Metal spike, since other tools different to this, would be a bit more complicated when we are undermining it. This resource is used especially in the final phase of the game.

Elements crafteables requiring glass

The glass is essential for the creation of various objects which are important in the game, these objects are:

  • Crafteo stations, table for Chemistry, manufacturing/maker machine, forging Industrial, Industrial shredder, Industrial Grill.

  • Structures, all the greenhouse structures.

  • Diver suit, suit riot and shield Gas mask, Night Vision glasses.

  • Fridge.

  • Stun gun.

  • Accessories for guns, flashlight and telescopic sight.

  • C4 and remote detonator.

  • Radio.

  • Water jug.


There are different tools that you will have to craftear to get adequate resources that you’ll need in Ark. In this case, to collect the glass it is helpful the peak of metal, this you will ease much when you go to collect. There are some cases, creatures that have the ability to obtain minerals and get whatever is at your fingertips. You have to be careful since there are several colors that distinguish the types of Crystal, just concentrate on the white crystals, the rest of the crystals are only decorative and not useful.



The glass can be found in the caves existing in Ark, as well as near the tops of the mountains and in the biome of the snow.


Tooth ice cream at latitude 35 and 58 length has extremely high Crystal deposits amounts around the peak and in their caves. You must be careful when descending the mountain, since it is extremely steep and any false step could make you fall into the void.

There is a small mountain where novice inexperienced players can go. It is the mountain South islet, about latitude 76 and length 44, which has a small amount of glass but significant to the time to start as a rookie. The East side of the mountain is easy to scale, and the area is relatively peaceful without any danger, only herbivores live in the area. Sometimes may appear raptors and rare form the Carno.

Knowing where and with what tool you will get the resource, you can find crystals quickly when you need them, especially at the beginning.

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