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How to get keratin and chitin in Ark Survival Evolved


Chitin and keratin are sometimes used as a resource, this means that there are engrams which they say chitin/keratin as if they were a resource, but have engrams which can only be with one of these 2 resources. These resources are essential to make cement in the mortar or chemistry table. Here we will show you how and where to find them.


It is the main component of hair of mammals, nails, claws, legs, hooves, horns, horns of the nose of the Rhinos, spines of porcupines, baleen whales, beaks and feathers of birds, scales corneal and external reinforcement of reptiles. For this reason it is one of the resources obtained in the majority of the corpses of creatures.



Keratin can be obtained from the bodies of most of the dinosaurs. The most efficient way to get keratin, is using a 20px Sabertooths tamed high damage with melee. Another highly efficient tool is the Metal axe, would make it easier for you to know how to get metal easily in Ark Survival Evolved. Also using other objects of low level you’ll get keratin, but only occasionally. It is obtained from the following creatures:

  • Ankylosaurus.

  • Carnotaurus.

  • Carbonemys.

  • Doedicurus.

  • Mammoth.

  • Megaloceros.

  • Pachy.

  • Sabertooth.

  • Stegosaurus.

  • Triceratops.

Crafteables using keratin/chitin

  • Cement.

  • Araneo mounts, Argentavis, Kaprosuchus, Pelagornis and Pteranodon.

  • Diver costume parties.

  • Muffler.



It is the characteristic component of the exoskeletons, peaks, shells and other physical structures of some animals. This is used in the same way as keratin, it only varies in some crafteos.


Chitin is available from the corpses of some animals with most tools and dinosaurs. The easiest way to get it, is killing scorpions and spiders in the caves with a domesticated Direwolf is 20px with high level of melee damage. A Sabertooth is 20px chitin will pick up with the same efficiency, but has a lower damage. With this method you can collect up to 500 units of chitin in 10 minutes. Another good way to collect chitin, is killing Trilobites, Dragonflys, or Titanomyrmas on the beach and nearby areas, and then chopping their bodies with a Metal or a Sabertooth.

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Although the most efficient tool to collect chitin is the metal axe, you can also use a stone axe or a peak. Other only low-level tools collect chitin very occasionally. The chitin can be obtained from the following creatures:

  • Araneo.

  • Dung Beetle.

  • Meganeura.

  • Pulmonoscorpius.

  • Titanomyrma.

  • Trilobite.

Crafteables using chitin

Keratin can be used to build the following objects:

  • Town of chitin.

  • Gloves of chitin.

  • Chest of chitin.

  • Boots of chitin.

  • Mount of Pteranodon.

  • Argentavis mount.

  • Cement paste.

  • Syringe for blood extraction.

  • Diving fins.

  • Muffler.


If you want to get cement and new mounts, get to work. Whether you have what it takes to find these elements and start craftear things you need.

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