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How to get the best armor in Fallout 4


Some time ago we show you how to get the Broadsider Fallout 4, today we will teach you how to find the best armor that there is in the game. Armatures can be helpful when you are in difficult situations. Although they have many different models to choose from, Nothing beats the X-01 armor. This armor is considered as the best in the entire game, is also very rare and difficult to find. We will help you to find a complete and not be devoting much effort.

Armor X-01 can be found in several places. Most of them are divided into different parts, does not come complete armor, rather than also will depend on the level in which you are when find each part of it. However, there is a place where you can get is one as new, with its integrated parts. For that you have to reach the level 28 or be on that level, this way will increase your chances of finding a suit of armor with parts X-01. If you not even approach the level 30 and want to level up quickly to achieve armour, we’ve talked you previously how to get experience easily in Fallout 4.

How to find the X-01 full armor

To get it go to Tower Custom House, on the East side of the wilderness, near Faneuil Hall. You enter into the Tower, instead of enter, go to the Southeast along the road until you reach a building that says “35 Court”. A high and green building to the left of the entrance of the tower. Remember to keep in mind that you should be at a level close to 30 before seeking the armor.

35 court

Enters the building and ends with the robot in the lobby. Press the elevator button and climbs up to the roof, where the armor is. You’ll face a couple of robots that appear in rooms that are close to you.

There will be red button in each one of the rooms where the robots come. After finishing with the robots, presses the buttons so that the central room doors open, so the armor will be revealed X-01 that is within it. You should consider how to get the Blaster alienígenea, a weapon that would be fine with this armor, would make a good team.

Conseguir Armadura

As was already said above, there are other places where you can find parts of the armor X-01. One of those places is in the abandoned Shack that is Northwest of Glowing Sea, on the West side of the map.

Another is located at the National Guard Training Yard, within the Armory. Looking for a metal door and face against some Ghouls. Open a security door whose lock requires the ability to master, you can take Nick Valentine to hack the terminal for you if you don’t have the sufficient range. The X-01 armor is just behind security gate.

The higher your level, likely will have to find the armor X-01, and takes into account the amount of parts are generated randomly. When get it sure you’ll have a lot of advantage to beat and kill whoever is te opposite.

Already have the best armor, now only the best weapon would miss you, see how to get the Gauss Rifle in Fallout 4.

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