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How to play with class 1 Battlefield assault

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Many have been the comings and goings of the operational capacity of the assault class in the Battlefield series. Especially in the last two deliveries where were you a few slightly different roles to which we were accustomed. In this latest title, says has brought us back in its most pure version of the word. Their high mobility and capacity to kill (in conjunction with all your tools) make it a lethal drive short distances and the only class with enough arsenal to be able to destroy tanks and heavy vehicles.

The provision in order to move around the battlefield and assault the enemy trenches sweeping them enemies is complemented with equipped weapons, which are going to be shotguns and submachine guns, faithful allies from short distances.

Taking into account the role to be played assault Battlefield 1, let to know the 3 best weapons that will allow us to play with this kind of effective way.

Shotgun model 10-A variant of Hunter

A favorite of lovers of lead in the form of pellets. It has main advantage having less dispersion of all the versions of this American. In short, it will help us to clean at a stroke the areas filled with enemies.


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Submachine 1918 variant of trench

It has the highest Cadence from all game and is perfect for the hip, being the most accurate weapon from the same game. Perfect for attack positions enemy both within coverage. The only drawback is the ability, since we only have 25 bullets by charger. This, coupled with their high cadence, shall we stay without ammunition ahead of schedule if we are trigger-happy. Rather than try to solve going with support that gives us ammunition.


Hellreigel 1915

It is the reward for reaching level 10 class. It will be the best choice if we are to a high concentration of enemies. It has a charger 60 bullets, the largest in the category. It will allow us to pay off multiple enemies if we are able to manage our shooting ability.


Remember that storm trenches and positions enemy is not the exclusive task of assault on Battlefield 1. We are the only kind of infantry with capacity and sufficient tools to destroy those armored causing as many casualties in our team. Cannon, grenades and anti-tank mines will make blow those masses of iron and all that has in its interior. And for the more experienced, the use of dynamite will cause havoc under a good strategy.

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