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How to play with the doctor in Battlefield 1 class

clase médico

In previous installments you teach a series of guidelines and keys to stop being a novice and repent in some solvents players on the field of battle. I also brought a guide with a series of tips in order effectively to the assault class.

As well, today’s the turn of the class medical. In this latest installment of Battlefield return to have a class dedicated to heal wounded colleagues and raise those who are fallen. Recall that in the previous installment, this role had passed to the assault class, providing various tools and gadgets to carry out that task.

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Possibly the most versatile ingame class by their available weapons. You can manage them is very well both middle and long distances thanks to the M1916 Selbestlader rifle. This gun has one of the largest damage per second of the game and can kill with just four shots and no damage by the distance penalty. This means that we can inflict the same damage 50 metres to 300 metres from the enemy.

Follows closely the Mondragon, lethal rifle half but not as accurate at long distances.
With good tactics and sufficient expertise with the weapons of the kind doctor, we can become a lethal player in battlefield thickening our low enemy list.


But all that glitters is not gold. The purpose of the physician is to heal and revive. That is his primary task if we want to win a game and each flag-raze enemy while we defend our positions.

To do this we will have bags of bands that we throw away our wounded comrades and kits that we’ll put on the floor having a radius of action of a few meters while restoring our close companions life points.

Bands bags are the ideal complement to the assault of a flag enemy, where the kind of approach we will require an extreme mobility and not always be about our coworkers.

The kits on the other hand will be our perfect tool when we have to entrench ourselves to defend a position that with the mere fact of being in the ground, it will cure our allies.
And of course, to raise to those fallen comrades we will have with the syringe. Used on the bodies of our comrades with a symbol of skull on them. That means that they are waiting to be revived and have not left the deployment screen.


A good doctor is not which brings together dozens of low enemy, but he heals and keeps alive the rest of his companions. That is the main mission of the doctor, and if we can help to clear the way of enemies, much better, but without forgetting what is our primary task.

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