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How to save battery on Nintendo Switch


Sometimes we need to travel long distances for hours, or wait a long time something while you play with the Switch, until it is unloaded. But in these cases, what would be the best way to save battery power to get more time with Nintendo Switch? To extend the length of the device, we’ll teach you some tricks.

When Nintendo Switch used in notebook mode or mode desktop, lasts 2 to 6 hours, depending on how demanding that is the game. Is worth noting that the device will last for a while, only about 30 to 60 minutes if you apply the ahorramiento of energy, something that would make the difference between being boring, or last a bit longer with entertainment.

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Different forms have been tested to save Nintendo Switch battery. And there are 2 methods that are highly efficient to extend the usage time.

Save with energy-saving switch mode


  1. Activates the power save mode which is in settings, in the options screen, just above the brightness adjustment.

  2. Low brightness, is one of the things that consume a lot of energy.

  3. Turn off Wi-Fi, it is one of the things that you may not use when in portable mode.

  4. Plays with the joy – with connected to the screen, do not play with the joy – with separate.

  5. Decreases the volume, while more volume upload you, the more likely that you download.

  6. Disable vibration, and more if you play a simple game.

  7. Disables the detection of movement, it is not necessary at the moment of being disconnected from the TV.

  8. The standby mode consumes power, If you don’t think to use Nintendo Switch for a while, turn it off. Don’t let the game suspension, close it. Although if it is to stop playing for a moment and play again, it is not necessary that do it, booting off total spend enough battery in comparison.

Save with airplane in Switch mode


To activate airplane mode, hold the Home button using some seconds. When the airplane mode is immediately disabled Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so will have to play with the joy – connected to the screen. This will cause the battery to last longer.

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