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How to tame rapid in Ark Survival Evolved


In Ark, one of the incredible things you can do, is ride dinosaurs. Maybe you’re tired of just kill these poor creatures, but it is time to ride in them, and fight together. We will teach you what is the fastest way to tame the dinosaurs on the Ark Survival Evolved.

It begins to tame


Domestication is the process of converting to a wild creature, a beast that is useful for the benefit of the player. The dinosaurs that are domesticated have many advantages which facilitate the survival on the island. Some of these creatures they allow the player to collect resources in a more efficient way, collect tools. There are others that have a carrying capacity of incredible, that will be used to transport large amounts of resources to bring them to battle. Creatures require a mount to deliver its full potential, this is made of metal and is essential for domestication.

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Domesticated animals follow all your orders. You can set the level of aggressiveness, order to monitor, that remain still in a site or simply to follow you back. To change this behavior, you have to be close to the animal and keep pressed the key “Use”, or also give these orders through whistles.


The creatures have their own level of hunger, this is reduced, and to feed them recover energy or heal. A creature will always leave your food choice for the end, eating before the less valuable. For example, a carnivore eat any raw meat of their inventory before 20px eat first, and a herbivore will keep your favorite berries to the end. Herbivores use the same mechanics as carnivores, but due to the fact that they are relatively easy to feed, should worry less about these creatures.


When the animals rest, lose approximately 0.1 points of hunger every 35 seconds. This means that they will only need to eat once every 5 hours, always that their food inventory is filled with raw meat. This is more time that takes the meat into rotting, and so feed lot of creatures is almost impossible for the majority of the players. For this reason, unless you need rotten meat to make narcotics, it is recommended to not leave the food in the inventory of a creature, it will rot much faster than it takes to eat it.


Make a bird feeder is a much more efficiently to feed multiple animals at the same time, especially when players are disconnected from the game. It is an establishment where food is placed so that all the animals that are available to him, can automatically eat when they are hungry. This makes it easier to manage the levels of hunger for many creatures, avoiding rot that more food than necessary.


Use forced

The forced use is a command that allows you to force the animal to eat the object that has been assigned. This can be done when the animal is unconscious, and also when he is conscious. Normally the narcotic berries should be in a forced way, because animals do not tend them to eat voluntarily to increase the level of unconsciousness. Mostly it is recommended to use narcotics, since they do not rot and they can be used to create arrows tranquilizers, where you remain.


Over time will improve your ability to domestication, obtaining all the dinosaurs that we want and levels so that you combatas and collect minerals safely.

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