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How to unlock the RSC 1917 factory in Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 Premium users are in luck. Now that it has arrived for them the first DLC, They Shall Not Pass, they are enjoying the new weapons, maps and gameplay like crazy. It is not for less, the content is good and updates, as well as fix some of the problems that remain, are one of the greatest needs of users of this type of game.

Each class has received two new nuclear weapons, although in all cases, except in the assault, which have received have been two versions of the same weapon. In the case of the doctor it is assault RSC 1917 rifle. All weapons come with unlock mission, would you like some tips to unlock it? Keep reading.

RSC 1917 of factory unlock mission

rsc 1917 battlefield dlc

To unlock the RSC 1917 factory we will have to work hard as a doctor. Won’t be hard for which they are used, and in fact, the thing may be clinched in one long headings from the front, or a couple of conquest.

As all the weapons of the DLC, you will have to complete two requirements to get it. The first is to get 50 kills with the M1907 SL Tracker and the second is to do 50 reanimaciones. We need to take, therefore, the rifle and the syringe equipped.

It is necessary to point out that both requirements are cumulative and, are not as medals. You don’t have to focus on the Mission of a weapon so that it counts, everything go by while you play applies to complete missions.

Get the 50 reanimaciones is a matter of time, but if we focus more on our role within the team than to kill, it is possible to do so before. However, we must also complete 50 deletions with the M1907 SL Tracker, a very unpopular gun. Even so, it is a very valid to combat short and medium distances, to be quite fast and have a good charger. It is recommended for mobile physicians who do not fear to rushear enemies.

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