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Humble Bundle BO2016: five, four, three…

Did someone say “Humble”? No? Perhaps should’ve said “Bundle”? Not? Since then have said “Best Of 2016”. But not! If to five days from that finish this offer not can be speaking of other thing! Well, maybe the Nintendo Switch is keeping you busy… In any case, I remind you that you have five days to purchase a pack Lord.

The Bundle of these weeks will be full. Under the subtitle of “Best Of 2016”, Humble Bundle gives you the opportunity to purchase, for a maximum of € 9.31, some other Pearl.

If you pay what you want, you will get:

  • Else Heart.Break (): an adventure indie which is coupled a curious group of individuals (with a certain affinity for chop code and hack various issues) in order to determine whether they are capable of changing their unhappy adult life or if they are absorbed by the system.
  • Evoland 2: the sequel to the previous novel RPG “Evoland”. In this game not only experience a story in the style of RPG, but that at the same time, you’ll also take a historical tour of the main features that have defined the genre. The scenarios and gameplay will change as you progress. Sometimes you’ll be in a beautiful three-dimensional, multicolored world, while in others you will have to make yourself do in two dimensions (and different scales of green).
  • Victor Vran: in this title handle Victor (possibly resulting from a cross between Van Helsing and the demon hunter from the Diablo III), a Demon Hunter who goes out there serving evil. It’s an A-RPG style devil, with an isometric view and a few surprising skills, we pitted skeletons and any other creature more.

But If you save three or four cafes and pay € 3.97, yours are:

  • Heaven and the glory
  • Stronghold Crusader 2: in the acclaimed saga Stronghold, Humble Bundle offers us Stronghold Crusader 2. This RTS puts us in the time of the Crusades, giving us the opportunity to manage an army to attack or defend castles and cities. Go mulling over your head to win.
  • Rust: a very promising (early access) game of survival in which manage your character in first person and that it will have to make do you them as best as possible so that other players do not make you tearing. And the best way to achieve this is accompanied by going up to go to the bathroom. You start with since, i.e. as God brought you to the world (literally), and you end up hitting shots from the top of a shelter that you have built. Along the way are waiting for you camping in the forest, hunting to ensure your livelihood, a few days of mining and timber, etc.
  • Shadowrun Hongkong: a tactical RPG turn-based isometric view and cyberpunk aesthetic, from the acclaimed saga Shadowrun. Date a walk by the worst and more mafia corners of the city, but you don’t expect to do it without blood.

And if you feel over generous and know what you should, you will pay €9.31 or more to acquire one of the best strategy games that have existed and exist in the history of the game. Considered almost as a cult game and serve as inspiration for the development of titles such as the acclaimed MMORPG EVE, this bundle gives you access to:

  • Homeworld Remastered Collection: which includes the reissues, glorious and beautiful HD, games Homeworld and Homeworld 2. And, oddly enough at the time of e-sports, the multiplayer (which also has) is not the main attraction. Enjoy the main story in a campaign that starts strong: what separates you you and your kind of sure extinction is a single mother capable of accommodating millions of people… ship and this ship is constantly in danger and under attack.

And that still we have not mentioned the highlight of Humble Bundle, which is to be part of our payment to charity. Is that you can ask more?

Well, yes. The link to the website can be ordered: Humble Bundle Best Of 2016

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