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Humble Mobile Bundle: enjoy fifteen Android games at bargain prices


We all like to buy cheaper than normal, and more when this apply it to games for smartphone. For some unknown reason, the vast majority of people it seems expensive to pay one or two euros for an application for your mobile phone, so they are limited to wait for great deals or packs.

Humble Bundle is always a good place to turn if you’re this type of user, and during the two weeks they have taken a really juicy bundle. For something less than five euros will have fifteen games, all in the classic system of characteristic of Humble Bundle payment levels.

HandyGames pulls the House by the window

As I’ve said before, the games are divided into price ranges, so the amount of games that we get depends on how much you pay, being the minimum $ 1. If we pay said minimum will have access to five games, if we increase up to three dollars will give us five more. While if we decided to go to it crazy and pay five, the thing increases to five more, making a total of fifteen.

If you have interest in know what are the titles in question, here you have it list:

For a dollar:

  • 1941 Frozen Front
  • ACEs of the Luftwaffe
  • Aporkalypse
  • Clouds & Sheep
  • Guns’n ‘ Glory WW2

For three dollars:

  • All of the above
  • Rocket Island
  • Ninja Hero Cats
  • Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies
  • Stage Dive Legends
  • Devils & Demons

For five bucks:

  • All of the above
  • 1942 Pacific Front
  • Clouds & Sheep 2
  • Townsmen
  • Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes
  • Dynamite Fishing World Games

Should be say that all them games of the bundle are of the company HandyGames, as is the promoter of this pack. So already know, if you are short of money but I want be legal and pay by fifteen games that can entertain you, this bundle can be a good option. Or good, I that I know, you can give is it to your parents.

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