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Husk will feature the hand of forward drives PC physical version

Advance CDs, in collaboration with IMGN.PRO, announced the launch of the physical PC version of Husk, a new title of horror and survival.

Husk is a title of horror and survival realistic which takes us to Shivercliff, a village abandoned for unknown reasons. We embody Matthew Palmer who, after an accident of train, wakes up in this village. We will not find anyone us around, and above all, there is no trace of the wife and daughter of the protagonist. Will be an immersive history, that includes elements realistic as problems of violence and addiction to the alcohol, inspired in thrillers classic like Silent Hill or Twin Peaks.

In this title will visit different places in Shivercliff and its surroundings, while we survived to different types of monsters and bosses in a survival horror classic title. It will also have a soundtrack created by Arkadiusz Reikowski, author of the music of Kholat.

The Husk PC physical version will be available next month from February. Then we leave the trailer.

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