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I-Kai Watch, presented in Madrid its second season

VIZ Media Europe presented in a press conference held in Madrid on April 7 the second season of I-Kai Watch, which aspires to become the leading child leave in 2017. The license landed a year ago in Spain and since then has enjoyed great success among the public.

Watch I-Kai is a powerful 360º franchise that stands on three pillars: the video game developed by LEVEL-5 for the family of consoles Nintendo 3DS, the animated series which broadcasts TV Boing channel and toys distributed by Hasbro in Spain.

During the event, Pascal J. Bonnet, commercial director for Europe, TV sales and licenses of VIZ Media Europe, presented the plans of the company with license to 2017. New video games, the new season of the series and new toys this year will be accompanied by a wide range of new products: the film, apps, official Youtube Channel and much more.

The phenomenon I-Kai Watch has recently become mobile devices with the launch, March 30 on iOS and Android,and I-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble, a free app that combines puzzles and RPG mechanics. 2017 East also will be launched Medal Wars (title to be confirmed), game strategy and action planned for summer, and an app (still untitled) based on geolocation and interaction with the community, which will arrive in the fall.

Pascal J. Bonnet also announced the opening in April of the official YouTube channel of I-Kai Watch in Spain, the launch of the first season of the animation on Netflix this summer series and the premiere of I-Kai Watch film at the end of the year.

Manuel Curdi, Department of Marketing of Nintendo Spain, provided data on the success of the first game of I-Kai Watch in Spain. From April 29, 2016, the first Watch I-Kai has sold more than 160,000 units in our country, and those sales, 53 per cent were boys and 47% at adult audience. He also presented I-Kai Watch 2 Fantasqueletos and I-Kai Watch 2 Carnanimas, available since April 7.

As explained tale in the presentation:

The players will travel 60 years in the past and explore environments more extensive and more full of details in its first episode. There you will meet and shall enter into friendship with a handful of quirky and often mischievous I-kai.

I-Kai Watch 2 has I-kai new over 100 and a total of more than 400, and includes the multiplayer mode as the “next big thing”. This franchise fever also has been noticed in the reserves I-Kai Watch 2, which have multiplied by 15 with respect to the first delivery.

Sergio Sans, director of Boing, and Ana González, Director of children’s content from Turner Spain, shared data on the animated series. Aimed at young audiences, the series achieved an average of 13.1% share in 2016 in Boing, children’s channel of the leading commercial television in Spain for fourth consecutive year, surpassing the average channel in 2016, which was 12.6%.

The second season of the series premiered on April 3 exclusively at Boing. In the new season, 50 episodes of 22 minutes each, Nathan and Whisper, the protagonists of the series, will have to deal with lots of I – kai unknown, like the me – classic kai Sombrillo, Cisnia and Chiclope. Whisper, moreover, will be threatening his position as Butler after the appearance of Ambrose.

Esther Toledo, Brand Manager of Hasbro Iberia, provided data from I-Kai Watch sales in 2016 and presented the new line of toys. In 2016, the clock I-kai Watch was the fourth best-selling toy. In the category of action figures, the franchise had four products in the top 10: clock (128.807 units), medals (593.858 units), figure with Medal (145.002 units) and Medallium (41.384 units). In 2017, have been sold to date, 103,000 medals, 7,000 watches, 15,000 figures with Medal, 3,000 Medalliums and 2,000 transformable figures.

The new line of toys for 2017, highlights the new watch I-kai Watch zero model, which includes technology I-Motion: when you enter a medal I-kai I-Motion, clock projects an animation of the I-kai drawn on the medal. Hasbro Iberia will also launch this year (TGC) collectible card game.

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