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I-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble now available on iOS and Android

At the end one of the most eagerly awaited by fans of I-Kai Watch for mobile devices has seen the light officially. Both Level-5 and NHN PlayArt have announced that it is now available both in iOS as Android the game I-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble throughout Europe and Russia.

I-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble, a totally free game, inspired by the universe of I-Kai Watch where we will have multitude of characters recognized around the world such as Jibanyan and Komasan among many others. Based on a style very similar to the Candy Crush and Pokémon Shuffle, Wib Wöbs of the same type, forming a Wib Wob larger we connect to Wibble Wobble. Here the speed with your fingers will be our best ally, since the connection between all the Wib Wob will help us defeat the evil Yokais that we face throughout our adventure. More connect, faster we fill and activate the delirium State giving us invincibility for a short period of time.

After each match, as occurs in the main series of video games, the I-kai friends can make us enemies that we have defeated. Even we can increase our chances of making us friends of I-kai enemies giving them food just before the battle. If we manage to win the friendship of the same I-kai in several times, we will obtain valuable skill points. Once collected a certain number of I-kai, this will give us way to invoke an I-kai legendary.

All the I-kai friends can see the Wib Wöbs I-kai section of the menu, where you can organize and choose strategically the best I-kai for our team. If they are ordered properly, we can be rewarded with bonus for a competitive advantage. The I-kai statistics, descriptions of the characters and the animaximum can be found in the I-kai Medalium.

Also, I-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble has features to add friends through a code to facilitate their spirit or challenge them in battles to scale at the top of the classification. As well as the ability to store up to three different games. And to encourage the connection and constant game, also will be available for all players a series of daily missions and special events that win Ydinero part of different phases in the own way adventure.

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