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It is for your good. Critical

The best thing you can say is for your sake is that is a comedy the old way, which is not intended to innovate and makes spending a hour and a half film entertainment and that as soon as it ends up having left a pleasant accompanied a divertimento how much laughter forget our memory within hours or days of having it enjoyed.

After this introduction, we will analyze more closely the film directed by Carlos Theron (Impavido or leakage drain 2) and scripted by Manuel Burque and Josep Gatell. It’s a fresh and highly recommended comedy in which the spins of the script are telegraphed before they occur but but nonetheless are least gotten and obtained its initial purpose which is none other than the make people laugh.

Es por tu bien

Leaving the cinema, I was the feeling of watching the worthy heir of films of the genre of the 1990s such as do they call it love when they mean sex? or all men are equal, sharing with the latter the premise that the trio protagonist of male actors shown unable to accept female sexuality that while the first residing in their partners, in the latter, it focuses on their daughters.

Through the cliché of the generational difference between fathers and daughters and his different way of understanding the world, film is based on the great work of interpretation of the three characters characters (all three of the Goya Award winners) Roberto Álamo, Javier camera and José Coronado caricature these self-sacrificing parents in his “mission impossible” cause the rupture of his adored daughters with grooms that do not meet the canons set forth what you would understand as the ideal son-in-law.

And it is here where resides obtained most of the film, in the contrast between the unleashed attitude of “the supercunados” (great title would have been this for the film, in a clear homage to the classic comedies of Pajares, Esteso or Alfredo landa) against the more moderate of mothers and daughters making it clear that they have very different ways of understanding the world and choose their future.

Es por tu bien

Thus between side-sharing are prominent names such as Manolo Soto, Luis Callejo, Miki Esparbé, Pilar Castro, Carmen Ruiz and Maria Pujalte among many others, to give consistency and credibility to a genre so difficult as the comedy of ultimately.

Therefore make more meritorios work to treat the genre from plots and real-life situations, which ultimately are more fun for everyday, that the claims of the Spanish gender last comedies, focused on the plots and regional jokes that the dessert after a couple of viewings to my point of view are exaggerated. Through situations, that without dramatic are sobering.

Conclusion Is for your SAKE

It’s a film that is not intended to break the mold or transgressive displayed, is a product aimed at the audience not looking for new sensations, but hang out without complications and light entertainment.

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