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It’s official, Android 7.0 is Android Nougat

The next and new version of Android (Android 7.0) will have the name of Android Nougat! If, as you read, 7.0 Android already has its own name for official dessert, Android nougat.


Google has just announced via his Twitter account – and also in Snapchat – the mysterious name which will be known from now on to Android N… and will be Nougat (nougat). .

Despite the fact that many people in the sector betting on an option known as Nutella – which would have also served to make a sympathetic marketing action crossed as happened with Kit Kat – at the end it was Nougat the name chosen by Google.

The really funny thing is that Google conducted a survey so that users could express its support for the different options of “N”. In that vote Nutella was 62%, 13% Nesquick and Nougat just 5%. You can see that there is someone at Google that really like nougat.

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