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Just Cause 3: details of the second downloadable set

Square Enix gives the details of the second set of downloadable content for Just Cause 3. This will come under the name of Mech assault land and will be available from June 3 for users of pass land, sea and air; While the other players can do with it since June 10.

Land assault Mech, second downloadable set, leads to our protagonist Rico Rodriguez to the new island lacrima, where the research base is eDen and a prisoners camp managed by Black Hand, defended by powerful Wicks. In this downloadable we will use a new nucleus of Bavarium gun to disable the shields of the meccas. And once we’re inside, we can use the powerful cannons and guns of gravity GRIP to tear apart all our enemies.

Content pack you can buy on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One priced at €11.99, on the other hand the pass of Earth, sea, and air can be achieved for €24.99.

Mech assault land will bring these features to Just Cause 3:

  • Drive two types of Wicks and lead them by Medici.
  • Unleash the gravitational remote projector of the wick or the pistol GRIP to attract and throwing objects towards the enemies.
  • Jump and destroy helicopters or crushing tanks with “Force pulses” attack of the pistol GRIP.
  • Try the new skills and get updates on the challenges for Wicks.
  • Call a fellow rebel wick to get extra firepower.
  • Include a powerful new energy, Bavarium core gun weapon.

Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3

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