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Keys to the demo from Pokemon Sol y Luna


Many are surely made a mess with all the news that has decided to introduce Gamefreak (Pokemon development team) on the new deliveries Sun and moon. Not you worry, taking advantage of the output of the demo you have then the key that characterized is these last titles of it franchise Pokemon.

The new generation

The new region: Pokemon Sol y Luna is located in the new region of Alola Hawaiian culture-based. It consists of five islands; four natural and one artificial. Not can expect to begin to explore it!

The gift of Ash: Out of House you will find a letter without sender in our mailbox along with a pokeball that contains a special Greninja. That surprise to the discover thanks to the anime that is is of nothing more and nothing less that of one of the Pokemon of Ash Ketchum.!

New friends, new enemies: As always will be with the help of a Professor expert in pokemon, in this case is called Kukui. On the other hand our enemies will be the evil team skull which, like the classic team rocket is dedicated to steal Pokemon trainers.

New UI: The menu interface has been redesigned for practicality. It is now much more comfortable, browse the lists is easier than ever.

The Pokevisor: This minigame is a luck of Pokémon snap on the laptop. It simply allows us to photograph wild pokemons in certain circumstances. A great excuse to get our more artistic vein.

Movement Z: An of the news more important of Sun and moon. Most powerful movements that go along with eye-catching animations.

Secrets: The community has discovered tinkering between them data of the game that the demo hides some that another secret that is active according to passes the time, so, take you any that another split to the demos to see if discover of that is is.

And you that you think? Stop by the demo of Pokémon Sun and moon key to leave your footprint.

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