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Kholat now available on PlayStation 4

Advance disc has announced that it is already available on PlayStation 4 Kholat, the title of terror inspired by an actual event located in the Ural mountains. The title is exclusive to GAME stores and, in addition, with your purchase we will receive gift movie “Step of Devil”, which narrates events leading up to the game (and that served as inspiration for the same).

Kholat is a game developed by IMGN.PRO and inspired real facts to bring us a survival title more terrifying horror, on the basis of The incident of the Dyatlov pass, where a group of Russian students were lost and perished in full expedition in the Urals under suspicious circumstances.

It will put us in the shoes of a new adventurer who, years after the incident, decides to investigate on their own what is what happened there, discovering a terrifying story. The game first person research and exploration, uses the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 to give greater depth of immersion and features Sean Bean as Narrator.

Kholat now available on PlayStation 4, at a price of €19.95. Then we leave the trailer.

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