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League of Legends could banearte by choosing the same hero

League of Legends (LoL) the popular MOBA is taking steps to all complaints that has for the bad behavior of users and will take something unjust measures against such problems, and could banearte for always choosing the same hero in the same position.

And it is that from Riot is reached to ban players by always choosing the same hero and always wear the same role, which part of the community regards as extremely unfair. There are five roles presets in League of Legends: top track, jungle, Middle rail, handle and support, so if always disputes a role playing games without letting it anyone mas you expondr√°s to the bans that now you discussed.

Those who leave the keyboard without using (AFK) could be done them wait 20 minutes prior to a game. Those who use dirty language might have restrictions in the chat, while the false reports of bad behavior could lead to a complete ban of the account. This has been created the Court, a system to determine if the report is or not right.

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